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Hetero Biopharma organized a web based interactive session on “Role of TNF  blockers in Rheumatoid arthritis” and “Rituximab use in Rheumatoid arthritis- The Nigerian Experience”

Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disorder affecting 8% of global population and 1% of Indian population. Across the globe Health care professionals approach multiple models of treating this disease. Hetero Biopharma with a motto REACHing the stakeholders that include 3P’s – Prescribers, Partners, & Patients organized a webinar under its Knowledge exchange platform KBB –(Knowledge Beyond Borders) on 03rd July 2020 connecting the Rheumatologists from Asia, Africa, CIS and LATAM

Dr Sarvajeet Pal an eminent Rheumatologist in India, delivered an elaborative talk on multiple therapeutic options and the role of TNF  blockers Adalimumab (Pamera) in Rheumatoid arthritis.

A renowned professor in Rheumatology Dr Olufemi Oladipo Adelowo from Lagos, Africa a co speaker in the session presented an overview on the incidence of Rheumatoid arthritis, treatment options in African scenario and presented about Biologics, Biosimilars and Biomimmics and shared his experience with Rituximab(Rilast) in Nigerian patients.It was an interactive session connecting the specialists from different continents

It was an effort put in by the Hetero Biopharma marketing team lead by Dr. AV Jayapala Reddy, AVP & Global Head – Biologics Business. The forum was moderated by Dr. Vikram Kumar Shetty, GM – Medico marketing and Clinical Affairs. Team Members - Mr. Krishna Kishore, DGM & Regional Head – Africa Biologics Business, Mr. Vinod A, Manager, Mr. Ramesh Reddy, Marketing Manager, Mr. Shanker Maharaju, Manager, Mr. Sharath Devallapelly, Asst Manager and Mr. Sai Pavan T, Marketing officer came together to make this session successful.