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Hetero Biopharma launched 2 biosimilars Derise, Rilast in Nepal.

Hetero Biopharma recently launched two biosimilar drugs namely Darbepoetin Alfa under the brand name ‘Derise’, and Rituximab under the brand name ‘Rilast’ in Nepal on 24th September 2016.

Team Hetero Biopharma - Dr. Praveen Shetty, AGM, Global Clinical Strategy and Medico Marketing, International Biologics Business Development; Mr Pragnesh Patel, Business Development Manager – Asia & CIS; and Mr Bijay, Hetero’s Business Partner in Nepal – announced the official launch of these drugs at the “SFON Conference of Oncology” held on 23-24th September 2016. The event served a great platform to promote Hetero Biopharma and its drugs in the presence of over 100 oncologists, who had attended from SAARC group of countries

Dr Praveen Shetty addressed the audience at the conference with an exclusive session on “Biosimilar Drug Development – Oncology”, which was highly appreciated.

With the launch of Derise and Rilast, Hetero Biopharma becomes the 2nd & 4th company in the world to launch Darbepoetin Alfa and Rituximab respectively. We congratulate the entire team of Biopharma for having a successful launch.