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“KBB (Knowledge Beyond Borders) is an Hetero Biopharma Initiative!

This initiative has been designed to spread the awareness on Biologics & Biosimilars to win the acceptance of regulators, policy makers, prescribers and patients across the globe.

To further our mission of REACHing every needy patient across the world, KBB will act as a dedicated Biosimilars knowledge exchange platform for various stake holders to increase the access of Biosimilars.

KBB - First of its kind initiative by a Biosimilar company in Emerging markets


Need of KBB

Partners, Prescribers & Patients across emerging markets lack a clear understanding of Biologics, Biosimilars and the applications of them in ever challenging situations of addressing the chronic ailments like Oncological, Rheumatological, Nephrological disorders.

Real time challenges faced by them are:

  • Awareness on need of Biologics in the treatment of chronic diseases & disorders
  • Lack of understanding on challenges in development, manufacturing, testing and approvals of Biosimilars.
  • Wrong perception on Biosimilars created by Innovators to block the entry.
  • Safety, efficacy, Interchangeability & Immunogenicity concerns.
  • Understanding of pharmacoeconomics.

Our Approach

To build a “Knowledge centric medico marketing ecosystem” by conducting continuous medical, clinical, regulatory and marketing education on Biosimilars to various stake holders across the globe.

Below are the activities:

  • Skill upgradation programs involving top KOL’s around the world
  • Debate & panel discussions on case & user studies from different parts of the world
  • Publication of clinical outcomes of our studies
  • Patient support groups
  • Effectively use social media to maximize our influence on society
  • Concept clinics dedicated to address specific ailments
  • Rheumatology clinics
  • Anemia clinics

KBB: List of activities Date Topic Name of the Speaker No.of Participants Engaged No.of Countries Asia / CIS Africa
1 30-04-2020 Shooting in the Dark in Metastatic Solid Tumor Dr. Suresh VS Attili, MD DM Medical Oncologist and Hematologist 81 13 Cambodia, Myanmar, srilanka, uzbekistan,Georgia Kenya,Uganda,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Tanzania, IVC, Rwanda
2 02-05-2020 Be Specific in B-Cell Tumors Dr. Suresh VS Attili, MD DM Medical Oncologist and Hematologist 82 13 Cambodia, Myanmar, srilanka, uzbekistan,Georgia Kenya,Uganda,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Tanzania, IVC, Rwanda
3 11-05-2020 AIDA Model Hirearchy Mr.Shanker Maharaju 30 5 Myanmar Nigeria,kenya, zimbabwe,Tanzania, IVC,Uganda
4 12-05-2020 Managing CKD anemia patients during Covid -19 Pandemic Dr.Dharshan R, MD DM ISN Scholar(Multiorgan Transplant) 105 14 Cambodia, Bangladesh Myanmar, srilanka, uzbekistan,Georgia Kenya,Uganda,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Tanzania, IVC, Rwanda
5 13-05-2020 Rapid for Inclinic Effectiveness Mr. Sharath D 48 11 Srilanka, Bangladesh,Myanmar, Cambodia Kenya,Uganda,Zambia ,Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Tanzania, IVC,
6 14-05-2020 Effective Forecasting Mr.T Sai Pavan 59 12 Srilanka, Bangladesh,Myanmar, Cambodia,Georgia Kenya,Uganda,Zambia ,Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Tanzania, IVC,
7 15-05-2020 Customer Relation Management - A sales personnal perspective Mr. Ramesh Reddy y 74 13 Srilanka, Bangladesh,Myanmar, Cambodia,Uzbekistan Kenya,Uganda,Zambia ,Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Tanzania, IVC,Angola
8 16-05-2020 Art of Objection Handling - Pharmaceutical Sales Mr.Vinod A 72 14 Srilanka, Bangladesh,Myanmar,Cambodia,Uzbekistan,Georgia Kenya,Uganda,Zambia ,Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Tanzania, IVC,Angola
9 18-05-2020 The Power of organization Purpose and It's Impacton Business Objectives Mr.Krishna kishore 53 13 Srilanka, Bangladesh,Myanmar,Cambodia,Uzbekistan Kenya,Uganda,Zambia ,Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Tanzania, IVC,Angola
10 19-05-2020 HOW TO BRIDGE
(Build Relationships by Involving, Developing, and Growing Engagements )
Dr. Vikram Kumar shetty 30 9 Bangladesh, cambodia kenya,Nigeria,Uganda Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Angola,Tanzania,IVC
11 23-05-2020 Managing Complications during Dialysis & Cost Effective Dialysis Mr.Lakshmi Pathy 105 12 Russia,Myanmar,Srilanka, Singapore Kenya,Nigeria,Uganda, Zimbabwe,Tanzania,IVC,South Africa,Mauirtius
12 06-06-2020 I. Dialysis- Are we doing in rightway?
II. Managing CKD anemia- Is It Important?
Dr.Vikram Kumar Shetty
Mr.Lakshmi pathy
98 10 Myanmar,cambodia,srilanka ,Bangladesh Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania ,Zimbabwe,Ivoary coast,NIGERIA
13 17-06-2020 Biosimilars - Value addition to your Business Dr.AV Jayapla Reddy 93 75 Myanmar,Srilanka,Bangladesh,Cambodia, Uzbekistan,Nepal, Georgia,Krygstan Kenya,Nigeria,Uganda,Rwanda,Mali,Ghana Zimbabwe,Tanzania,IVC,South Africa,Mauirtius
14 03-07-2020 Role of Biologics in Rheumatoid Arthritis & Rituximab use in Rheumatology- The Nigerian Experience Dr.Sarvajeet Pal & Prof Olufemi Oladipo Adelowo 95 13 Myanmar,cambodia,srilanka ,Bangladesh kenya,Nigeria,Uganda Zimbabwe,Nigeria, Angola,Tanzania,IVC& Rwanda

KBB: Glimpses of webinars